MicroStrategy 9 – Notes From an Install

The install went surprisingly smooth, and fast. Granted, we’ve got some hefty hardware…but it went off without a hitch.

Now, here’s the first things I noticed with MicroStrategy 9 Web…things I didn’t think about, that you might want to.

MicroStrategy 9 DOES NOT work flawlessly with Firefox 3.5. The Toolbar Ribbons are constantly stuck in a state of “Loading”, which means web is basically useless. MicroStrategy is aware of this, and they’re working on correcting it in the next hotfix, but that isn’t scheduled until Q4 2009. So, if you have some anti-IE, over-zealous “bleeding edge” of technology users…as one consultant put it – a play on the idea that cutting-edge early adopters sometimes do get cut…then you might need to install a prior version of Firefox.

Also, Safari on the Windows machine is just a no go…doesn’t display anything and just gets hung up. Going to dig into this a bit.

Google Chrome seems to work fine.

More to come as I find it out.

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